The Human Zoo - Trust Fund Baby - PART 2

Part 2 - I'm on a Boat, Bitch

Trust Fund fires up his Porsche Cayenne. He begins his drive to the yacht club. Windows down, the latest David Guetta song blares from his stereo. Trust Fund fist pumps in an intense manner. He pulls up next to a Holden Barina filled with woman - "youse wish you could roll like this, babbbbbbyyyyy". 

At the yacht club his behaviour doesn't improve. He spots a young staff member, starts flexing his arms - "take these eskies to my  BOAT bra, I gotta oil up my Tech-9's". The young staff member sighs in defeat. No battles can be won against a man who refers to his biceps as Tech-9 automatic weapons.  

Trust Fund's guests meet him at his boat. Shirt is already off and he is sporting a captains hat. "Nice hat, bra" says a knuckle-dragger. "No shit baby, Hugo Boss all day errry day". His comments go unchallenged. 

Trust Fund recklessly navigates his boat to the open water. Throttle down. "WOOO", "FUCK YEH", "WOOO" as he fist pumps for 3 minutes straight.  

He speeds past a small fishing vessel causing some turbulence - "peasant fisherman" he booms from his captains deck. The knuckle-draggers on board laugh and slap each others hands. 

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