The Human Zoo - The Degenerate - PART 1

Part 1 - The Missing (Centre) Link

"Aw me phones outta credit again" - the Degenerate enters a payphone in Belmont. He dials Centrelink. A brief exchange is had between the Degenerate and a customer service operator. "I am going to fire bomb you drongos where is my money you fucking pelicans!". A few more words are exchanged. The Degenerate goes absolutely skitzo in the payphone. Smashing the phone and repeatedly headbutts the plastic. 

The Degenerate adjusts his Adidas snap pants and walks towards his Ford Falcon. "Sorry luv, we cant afford the bourbon and the baby food, she'll have to eat some of your left over Whopper and chips".

On the Degenerate's hoon home he rants at length about "pigs with blow dryers ruining his life". He clips a medium stripe, maintains control and mutters to himself, "King of Bathurst".   

At home the Degenerate kicks off his work boots and retires to his lazy-boy. He pours his first bourbon. It wont be his last, not by a long shot. 

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