Chanel No.5 Release New Scent: Ethnic Taxi Driver

9 December 2013, 3:00pm

Chanel No.5 is renowned as one of the most famous perfumes in history. It's ever evolving scent has made its a collectors item and a top seller during the Christmas period.

With Christmas 2013 fast approaching, Chanel is planning to drop a bomb on consumers and awaken the exotic princess in all woman, they will be release their new scent: Chanel No.5 - Ethnic Taxi Driver.

A spokesperson from Chanel, told The Bell Tower Times:

"It's a scent that everyone knows, yet no one dare describe. It's the sight of the beaded back rest, the sound of the exotic music, and most important the musk of the ethnic man dropping you home or to the airport". 
The perfume  apparently draws its influences heavily from the Middle Eastern and Indian regions of the world. The scent is rumored to be a top seller due to its pure ambiguity. Just like when you are sitting in the back of a  Taxi at 3:00am trying to work out where the fuck the driver bought his cologne, so too will your loved ones this Christmas, as you turn your body into the streets of Marrakesh.

The Bell Tower Times approached punters in Hay Street this morning to get their reactions to Chanel's bold new scent:

Trev, 32, told us: "I'v always wanted to play 'open sesame' with me missus, so I'm all for this".

Susan, 42,  told us: "How unique, I am not sure I want to smell like a middle eastern man, however, I do want to lull my friends into a deep mental confusion about where my scent has come from". 

Stacey, 32, told us: "Your joking right? I once passed out in a taxi and  I'm pretty sure the driver played with my hair, cos my hair smelt like this so called exotic musk". 

Troy B, 46, told us: "Whats next, colleagues chair scent? Nah seriously, will they be doing that one?".

It seems at the very least Chanel's new scent will be a talking point this season.

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