Stop The Sharks: Japan Applauds Barnett's Policy

12 December 2013, 9:30am

Colin Barnett announced this week that large sharks that swam close to designated "kill zones" would be hunted by commercial fisherman who have the green light to slaughter the majestic beasts.

Moments after the announcement, Barnett's office was flooded with emails and phone calls from Japanese commercial fishing companies, vowing that they would carry out the death warrants at a moments notice, and furthermore, they would do it for free. The CEO of Kobyashi, one of Japan's leading commercial fishing companies apparently told the Premier, "That's the spirit". 

Australia has long resisted Japan's whaling activity in Australian waters and it is believed that Barnett's war on sharks has given the Japanese whaling companies hope that Western Australia may open their doors to a little commercial whaling.

A source from Kobyashi leaked the details of a meeting of their Directors. Apparently the fishing giant discussed ways of convincing Australian's that whales were a threat, and accordingly, convince our Premier to widen his war on sharks to include at least some species of whales. The Managing Director of Kobyashi apparently mused that a "killer whale is more or less a shark"

Barnett's war on sharks has divided Western Australia with many doubting the necessity of the policy. There is common theme amongst the protesters that it is humans that are entering the sharks territory and we have no right to kill them for doing what they do naturally. Other people are scared of the giant fish, and welcome the impending bloodbath this summer.

We tried to reach Barnett's office for comment, however apparently he had just sat down for a  big bowl of shark fin soup. 

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