Full Strength Beer Banned in Pubs and Bottleshops for Australia Day 2014

16 December 2013, 3:30pm

Today, it was revealed from a leaked Licensing Authority memorandum from a top official, that licensees will not be permitted to sell full strength beer (being over 4.0%) on 26 January 2014, Australia Day.

In a move that is sure to be unpopular with Western Australians, the temporary condition will seemingly apply to all pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and bottle shops.

We spoke to a licensee who operates in the City of South Perth about the proposed ban on full strength beer, he told us:
"Whats next? A ban on any type of fun at all? Seriously, this ban is going to hurt Perth businesses, beer is a big seller on Australia Day, and responsible adults have the right to choose full flavored beer".
Of course, from what is known about the proposed crackdown, there is nothing stopping someone from purchasing full strength beer the day before Australia Day to consume at home. The proposed ban on full strength beer will therefore have the greatest impact on bars and taverns - they will be empty.

We spoke to another licensee who operates in the Town of Vincent, she told us:
"What a great message. Don't spend Australia Day supporting Aussie businesses and drink in a controlled environment, just stockpile on boxes of VB and get shit-hammered at home, where your liquor consumption goes unmonitored".
Western Australia has taken another step towards being the most insanely regulated State in respect of liquor and freedom.

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