Perth Therapist Offers Therapy to Girls Dating Chodes

17 December 2013, 12:00pm

Perth always seems to be ahead of the 8 ball when it comes to the sheer number of young men that fall comfortably into the category of douche-bag or chode.

A chode can be described as someone who displays a horrific cocktail of personality traits, such as: arrogance, vanity, sleaziness and exhibitionism. Kyle Sandilands is the epitome of the term.

As a society we often mingle with chodes as part of our friendship circles. Sadly, sometimes girls date them.

Sally Fenway, psychologist, 32, has started offering girls who are in love with chodes, a special therapy course to help them deal with their partners atrocioussness, she told The Bell Tower Times:

"I think everybody knows a girl who is dating a one. Usually the problem stems from the fact that the boyfriend will be lovely to the girl but repulse almost everybody else in his orbit. The girl will then feel unsupported by her peers when they refuse offers to hang out, or simply outright call the offending boyfriend a massive chode. I therefore have tailored a special therapy session to deal with the influx of females who have found themselves bunked up with a smug, shit-munching asshole".
 We asked Fenway whether she could disclose any of her innovative techniques, she told us:
"I wouldn't want to give all my trade secrets away, however, one tactic we use is to go through the boyfriends Facebook or Instagram page. I then ask the girlfriend how she honestly feels when she sees a photo, of say, her chode boyfriend wearing fluro at Stereosonic and throwing up gang signs. You would be surprised how often the girl simply breaks down into a quivering mess of realisation".
We warn our readers that dating a chode can isolate you from your friends and family. It is always important to maintain close relationships with your loved ones and trust their judgment too. Or perhaps you will find yourself the next Ms Kyle Sandilands (picture yourself making love to him). 

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