City of Perth - Smokers to Wear Fluro Vests

18 December 2013, 8:30am

Recently, the City of Perth made their shopping malls on Hay and Murray Street, smoke free. The policy dealt a vicious blow to smoking enthusiasts and those addicted to nicotine.

The City of Perth's has recently announced that it will be upping the ante in their war on smokers. Anyone wanting to light up in the surrounding streets (i.e. Barrack or Williams) will be required to wear a bright yellow fluro vest, like the one pictured.

A spokesperson from the City of Perth told the Bell Tower Times:

"We want to give non-smokers the opportunity to spot a smoker at a distance and completely avoid their filthy smoke cloud. We also think the inherent humiliation of wearing a fluro vest may deter smokers from venturing onto the streets of Perth to feed their filthy habits. Our rangers will be given special powers to fine smokes who fail to wear the vest".
Anti-Smoking groups support the initiative and say that the requirement to wear a fluro vest will bring unwanted attention to the wheezing smoke-bags and protect the public at large from the horrors of second hand smoke inhalation.

Human rights groups are drawing parallels to Germany's Nazi Regime, who forced Jewish people and other perceived enemies of the state to dress in a manner to stand out from the rest of society.

We understand that the vests will need to be purchased by smokers and the policy will be implemented early 2014.

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