Panicked Phone Call: Traveler Forgets to Dispose of Wank-Sock Before Vacating Share House

1 December 2013, 7:00pm

New Zealand born traveler, Robert Fitzpatrick, set off on a trip of a lifetime last week to go and work on the sky slopes of France.

Fitzpatrick had been living in a share house with friends in the Perth's southern suburbs for the previous year.

At approximately 8:45pm on  21 November 2013, Fitzpatrick had arrived at Perth International Airport and was waiting to board his flight, when a moment of pure panic overcame him. Fitzpatrick had forgotten to discard of a sock that he kept in his former room, that he used exclusively for pleasuring himself into, it was his beloved "wank sock".

Fitzpatrick in an act of panic and desperation phoned his friend, Simon, in Perth who was still living at the share house and begged him to go into his former room and dispose of his filthy wank sock.

Simon was reluctant to assist Fitzpatrick with the putrid task, however in an act of compassion, Simon agreed to undertake the dirty work. At 9:15pm, Simon sent Fitzpatrick a text message that confirmed he had discarded of the jizz encrusted sock.

Deep down, Fitzpatrick knew his secret would never be safe, and has reportedly invested in a box of tissues for his new room in France.

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