Man Accused of Touching Co-Worker's Dick Awarded $150,000.00

20 December 2013, 11:00am

Ken Roberts, 35, has been awarded a record payout by the Supreme Court of WA, over his claim that he suffered psychological harm from a co-worker constantly accusing him of touching his dick in while in public places.

The defendant, Rex Samson, 27, admitted that whenever he went drinking with his colleagues he found it irresistible to accuse Roberts of touching his genitals and turning the accusation into a "spectacle".

A witness in the case gave evidence that on one occasion Samson stood on the top of a table at a inner city bar and announced to the crowd, "I'll buy a drink for anyone to tell this cunt to stop touching my dick!". The witness recounts that the entire bar erupted with laughter and Roberts was forced to flee the scene as he was being ridiculed by the bar's patrons. The witness added that this was one of "many" incidents where Samson would accuse Roberts of touching his balls.

Solicitors for Roberts argued that the constant humiliation he endured as a result of Samson's "jokes", left him feeling dejected and he felt like the "office loser". After 2 years of Samson's bullying, Roberts was forced to resign from his job and became clinically depressed. He spent thousands of dollars on psychological appointments and other forms of therapy.

Samson showed little remorse and attempted to justify his actions by alleging that Robert's would often laugh along with the others and that it was their personal "in joke". He told the Court:
"Ken was just the bloke in the office that would probably grab your dick if he got the chance. He had that look about him. The joke evolved over a 2 year period. I never knew that he was so affected by it. Old Kenny Cock Grabber, I am shocked that he is dragging me through the Courts, I'm sickened". 
 After a 2 day trial, Roberts was awarded a record $150,000.00  in compensation and Samson is expected to file for bankruptcy in the coming months.

In the words of Murray Hewitt from Flight of the Concords: I'm sure Samson is enjoying a taste of his own "dick medicine". 

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