5 Years On: Buswell Inspires a Nation of Political Chair Sniffers

26 July 2013, 9:10am

In April 2008, Deputy Opposition Leader, Troy Buswell sensationally sniffed the chair of a female staffer and was said to have “groaned and writhed in sexual pleasure”. The scandal shocked and appalled the public. The idealist dream that our leaders were mature and respectful was shattered.

Five years have passed since the chair sniffing, and Buswell has bounced back despite rumors he dry humped a prominent Perth businessman at a Christmas party in 2012.

The Bell Tower Times approached members of the “sniffing community” to find out what they thought of Buswell. We encountered young political aspirants that had previously thought their history of sniffing would rule them out of a political career.

Tony Donnington told the Times:

I’ve sniffed my fair share of chairs, bicycle seats and jeans in my day. Unfortunately, I have been caught more times than I can poke a stick at.

I was 15 when Buswell went on his chair-sniffing rampage, and now he is the Minister of Transport. There is nothing holding me back, I think I want to become Minister of Health or even Treasurer one day”.

Charlie McSlinger echoed the sentiments:

He is somewhat of a God to us... I actually think my perverted history of chair sniffing will help me gain pre-selection in the ALP. It is well known that the ALP have been looking for someone to sniff as hard as Troy. Thats me. Thats McSlinger". 

Troy, you have inspired a nation.