WA Cafe Charges $8.50 for Cappuccino

10 July 2013, 4:31pm

Yummy Cafe on Claremont's renowned foreshore took the extraordinary step today of announcing their plan to raise the cost of a regular coffee to $8.50. Lee Evans, spokesman for the coffee shop, told reporters that he resented the public and their constant belly-aching about the price of coffee in Perth.

His bold plan aims to eliminate the possibility of a bargain hunter walking into his shop. Lee told the Bell Tower Times:

"the coffee will taste extra good because your experience wont be drowned out by the constant pining over the price and quality of coffee in Melbourne... if you don't like the price, tough shit".

The move is bound to anger some members of the public, while also adding to the ever growing sense of self satisfaction that Claremont is known and loved for.

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