South Perth BBQ Brawl - Ugly Scenes at the Foreshore

14 July 2013, 9:10am

Mayhem broke out at the Coode Street Foreshore in South Perth between the Clarkes and the Brogans after the Brogan family failed to clean a public BBQ.

Robert Brogan and his son Dave had used the BBQ to grill up a selection of marinaded meats and low quality Coles sausages. Robert had been cooking for about an hour and was in no mood to wipe down the BBQ which was covered in honey soy and the debris of burnt meat. By all reports the BBQ looked like an 80 year old's underpants after a ride on a roller-coaster.

Ken Clarke approached the BBQ and exchanged a polite nod with Robert as they passed. This was sadly the end of the pleasantries between the two families. Clarke reportedly went ballistic when he saw the state of the BBQ, yelling out to the Brogans: "oi shit for brains... clean up this hot plate!". Robert, who had just settled down to a chicken skewer, reportedly pointed his middle finger at Clarke and advised him to "swivel on it".

Clarke reacted by charging over to the Brogan family and pouring a bowl of creamy potato salad over the head of Brogan's wife, yelling "white trash pieces of shit... you are cruising for a bruising". Both families exchanged a flurry of wild punches and clumsy tackles.

Troy Anderson, a South Perth Ranger was praised for his quick thinking, when he turned on the reticulation to disperse the feuding families, Anderson told the Bell Tower Times:

"the entire fracas reminded me of when my dogs try to hump each other, turning the hose on them always works.... it was a real shame.... that potato salad looked pretty good, man, generous ratio of bacon ya know?".

Neither family could be reached for comment.

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