Glue-Sniffing Dero Shares Tender Moment with Bus Driver

24 July 2013, 7:35am

Earlier this morning, a heartwarming scene unfolded on the 170  Bus from Victoria Park to Perth City, when a grissly Bosnian Bus Driver showed compassion towards a young derelict in the depth of a glue binge.

Vlad Slavovich, a suspected war criminal turned TransPerth Bus Driver, noticed the young man in a drug induced stupor at the back of his bus. Vlad told the times:

"When we arrived at the Esplanade bus Station, the young man had lost consciousness. I had noticed throughout the journey that he had been huffing on a plastic bag. It was only right to help the little street rat. I carried him off the bus, threw my warm Bus Driver's jacket over him, and gently ran my fingers through his hair and whispered that everything would be OK now, Vlad was here".

Armadale man, Corey Pickering regained consciousness to the sound of Slav singing a Bosnian lullaby, Pickering told the times:

"I couldn't believe it ay, I woke up to the warm embrace of a Bus Driver. In Armadale, you would get stabbed for that kinda shit... I aint complaining though ay. When in Rome and all that... he didn't touch me up or nothing ay, c*nt".

Vlad fled from Bosnia in 1995 after the civil war. He has an Interpol Warrant out for his arrest on suspicion of using his position in the military to sell arms and heroin to neighboring countries. A relatively mild rap-sheet compared to most TransPerth Bus Drivers.

This is what it's like when doves cry.

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