Local Creep Mourns the End of School Holidays

15 July 2013, 2:15pm

61 year old East Fremantle resident, Claude Ottens, updated his Facebook status on Sunday evening to convey his feelings about school holidays ending and the children returning to school, he wrote:

“Looks like old Claude won’t be catching the 106 direct to Perth CBD anymore.  Without the sounds of teenage laughter… there isn't any magic in the city”.

Ottens has a history of posting creepy comments on public forums. In May 2012, he posted in the comments section of News.com.au article about bullying in schools, he wrote:

“Those little rascals. A good tickle will cure what ails them!”

In February 2013 he posted a comment on hit UK band, One Direction’s Facebook page stating:

            “I’v had one of your songs on repeat for the last 16 hours. Very nice boys”.

An anonymous friend of Ottens’ told the Bell Tower Times:

Claudey should probably give social media a rest. He has come leaps and bounds since he was banned from coming within 200 meters of the Sunday morning Netball on Leach Highway… that was a bit of a low point”.

Oh, Claude. 

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