Shameless Crackhead Makes Indiscrete Call to Dealer

28 July 2013, 5:30pm

Julian "Turbo" Jackson, 22, stood outside the IGA in Brentwood at 3:30pm today, and made an indiscrete phone call to his drug dealer, "Robbo".

Woman and children walked past the ranting Jackson, as he engaged in vigorous negotiations for a bag of methylamphetamine.

Missy Randall had taken her 10 year old son to the shops to treat him to an ice-cream, she told the Bell Tower Times:

"He had no shame. we overheard him begging someone over the phone for a small discount on a "point of the kuta shards". Jackson felt that his loyal and regular business should factor into the deal".
IGA staffer, Peter McSheen, had gone out for a cigarette when he overhead Jackson:

"Man, he was speaking so loudly. He just kept bringing up the time that he let the other guy have a honk on his pipe outside of The Clink Nightclub in 2009...  It was pretty busy too, I must've seen at least 10 different mothers look at him in disgust".

This was not the first time Jackson has made a fool of himself in public. The Bell Tower Times was contacted by an associate of Jackson who told us:

"No shit, he once asked EVERY single person at Club Bay View whether they had any drugs. Not even a specific drug, just "drugs"... Turbo is off the walls ay".
We invite the readers to share their shameless crackhead stories with the Times.


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