Local Fat Man Brings Own Chip Bowl to Pub

10 July 2013, 6:05pm

Staff and patrons of the Windsor Hotel in South Perth where left in a state of disbelief when local fat man, Glen Farley, brought a goblet shaped bowl to the Hotel and demanded that it be filled with chips.

Windsor manager, Tory McSmith told reporters that the incident stemmed from Farley's long running beef with the Hotel over the portion size of chips. Farley, described as a "dripping lump" by most, took great exception to handing over $8.00 for a portion of chips that barely touched the sides of his grotesque hunger. McSmith told the Bell Tower Times:

"Farley's bowl was at least twice as large of our standard chip bowl and resembled something out of freaking Indiana Jones... we refused to bow to that fatso's grubby demands. Fuck him and fuck his chip goblet" 
An unpleasant scene broke out after Farley's request to fill his goblet was denied. Farley flailed his flabby arms wildly and demanded to speak to a higher authority. Sensing that he was making a fool of himself, Farley left peacefully.

Farley was last seen walking into Mermaids Fish and Chips located off Millpoint Road.