Perth Homeless Man Seeks Dignity or Just the Rest of Your Cigarette

11 July 2013, 11:26 am

Murray Street vagrant, Ronald Walker, is fed up with constantly being ignored and snubbed by the people of Perth. Walker told the Bell Tower Times:

it really irks me when people just ignore my requests for a little assistance. I am just down on my luck. Is it too much to ask for a little dignity? Or perhaps just the rest of that cigarette you’re smoking?”

Walker’s search for dignity was often marred by angry confrontations by staff at the city’s finest bars when Walker storms in and raids the ash-trays and dregs of drinks remaining on the tables.

After one such incident at the Belgium Beer Café, the Times asked Walker how he thought the raid had gone, he told us:

“yeh, not too bad. All I was trying to do was show the people of Perth city that I exist and that I deserve some dignity… and at the same time fix myself up with a quick puff on a used dart butt and a refreshing sip of whatever”.

If you can help Ronald Walker in his search please contact us.

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