Balcatta Plumber: A Four Pack of Woodies Should Be Enough for Me Drive Home

24 July 2013, 3:50pm

Balcatta born Plumber, Brian Somerville, decided that a four pack of pre-mixed Woodstock and Coke cans would tie him over until he got home from work this afternoon.

Liquor Barons staffer, Tim Mincer told the Times that Somerville had come into the bottle shop at 3:30pm and immediately walked towards the fridges that contain the ready to drink bourbons. Mincer told us:

he was quite unsure of what to buy. You could tell that he reckoned a four pack would do it, but he was stuck on whether to grab a fifth can, just in case he got stuck in traffic… eventually he decided that the fifth can was unnecessary for his 25 minute drive home to Balcatta”.

Somerville’s apprentice told the Times that he was glad Somerville opted out of the fifth can:

“ah, old mate is alright on four cans… but when he smashes five he starts to swerve all over the road and forces me to yell shit out at pedestrians. I don’t like it when Brian drinks the fifth can”.

We invite our readers to comment on whether a four pack is truly enough?  

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