Woman's Online Dating Profile Horrifies Single Men

31 July 2013, 8:20am

Trisha (name withheld), 30, recently signed up to E-Harmony, in the hope of attracting a partner through the online dating service. Trisha had been unlucky in love since splitting with her first boyfriend 2 years ago and was fed up with trawling through the sea of sleazy men that frequent the Perth bar scene.

When Trisha set up her online profile she made it clear that she wasn't after a fuck buddy or some cheese-dick looking for a quick back-alley liaison (her words). While her intentions where good, her execution was less than desirable. The Bell Tower Times does not have access to her profile, however we spoke to a number of potential suitors who were put off by what they read:

Dale, 29, told us:

"Holy moly. She looked cute in her photos but I was really put off by the fact she wrote in her details, that family was really important to her, and her "1 year plan" included birthing 3 children, adopting 2 cats and retiring to become a full-time mum... jeepers".
Chris, 31, told us:

"Under interests she put, "if you come home smelling of beer you had better keep your filthy hands off me. The only intoxicant my potential partner will need is my love.".... That's not exactly first date stuff".
Randy, 27, told us:

"Man, you do not want to go there. she said that she understands a bloke needs to hang out with his mates, which is why she is happy to negotiate a roster of when her potential partner can hang with his buddies... a roster? Crazy bitch".

Luke, 32, told us:

"under the category, people that inspire her, she wrote... "anyone who has ever told a man to make his own f**king sandwich"... I am not sure whether she is looking for a partner or for a therapist".

Tone it down Trisha.

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