Belmont Junkie Steps on Syringe to Prove Its Not That Bad

9 January 2014, 11:00am

Johnny "Bucktooth" Samwell, 34, is an itinerant heroin addict that chooses to live on the streets of the City of Belmont.

Bucktooth likes the City of Belmont because the heroin is "better than the flat-liner shit you get from Armadale cuz".

Residents in the City of Belmont are regularly bothered by Bucktooth, whether it is for a spare cigarette or whether its carefully avoiding the discarded syringes that Bucktooth is notorious for leaving on the footpaths and parks. The alarming number of discarded syringes in the City of Belmont prompted the police to take to the streets and give the local addicts a stern warning about the criminal implications of littering and offenses against the Health Act.

Bucktooth told The Bell Tower Times:
"Coppers bailed me up the other day. Told me that there was an unacceptable number of discarded syringes around where I was living at the time (Rivervale). I told those pigs that they couldn't prove nothing and that I would fight them. They told me to calm down and think about the residents, and how awful it would be if one was to step on a discarded syringe".
We asked Bucktooth if he had any concerns that someone would step on a discarded syringe:
"Maybe, but what is the big deal? I don't have the bad type of hepatitis, only umm, hepatitis B I think. So if the residence are just moaning about the potential discomfort of a pin prick, I mean, fuck it, watch this...(Bucktooth proceeds to pull out a syringe and jab it into the sole of his foot - he grimaces slightly and continues)... see, not that bad mate, I will live to fight another day, or another copper *laughs*".
We sensed that Bucktooth had failed to come to terms with the true gravity of  stepping on a discarded syringe. We told the unlovable scamp that hepatitis B was pretty bad, and that it was besides the point, decent folk shouldn't be subjected to weeks of uncertainty because they stepped on something as vile as a discarded syrgine.

Bucktooth heard us out, and then asked us: "Too right cuz, by the way, got a smoke for an old boy like me?".

We didn't. Wear shoes folks.

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