Druggies Suss About New Australian Silk Road Site: www.silkyroad.wa.gov.au

Screenshot of the Original Silk Road
21 January 2014, 9:00am

In an age of progressive drug policy, Australia stands as a stark example of a Government failing to 'get with the program' and continues to introduce archaic, farcical and desperate policies.

For example, in 2009 one of Colin Barnett's first policy initiatives was to re-criminalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis. For the sake of comparison, Portugal decriminalized the possession of all drugs and treated addiction as a social health issue rather than a criminal law issue. The results have been staggering.

It comes as no surprise to Australian drug dealers that the Government would attempt to snare them in the booming world of online black-markets such as Silk Road. On 20 January 2014, a new website popped up on the TOR browser (required to access the online black-markets) with the suspicious URL: www.silkyroad.wa.gov.au. Needless to say, Australian druggies are a  little suspicious.

The key features of www.silkyroad.wa.gov.au that draw suspicions from the drug community are:

1. It uses the WA Government's registered domain (wa.gov.au).
2. The site requires users to  provide photo ID to purchase products.
3. Daggy and outdated terms for drugs are used: (i.e. grass, horse, shroomies, etc).
4. There is a new "select which post office" you would like your drugs to come through.
5. BitCoins are not acccepted as payment - one must use their credit card.

It  is unknown whether anyone has attempted to purchase drugs from www.silkyroad.wa.gov.au.

We spoke to a Mount Lawley drug dealer and user of the Original Silk Road website:
"hmmm, using the WA Government domain is a real curve ball. You gotta think - is anyone in the WA Government that incompetent and stupid? Or is it a brilliant ploy by drug dealers - hiding in plain site?"
We spoke to a drug user from Belmont who told us:
"I completely trust this site. I am speaking freely and have no way been coerced to promote this site. Please use it, and provide all you details as requested. Thankyou".
Well, thats good enough for us.

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