Facebook To Reward Users For Correcting Spelling and Grammar

2 January 2014, 11:30am

Finally, Facebook users who become enraged at seeing spelling and grammatical mistakes on their friends posts will be able to earn a nominal sum of money from Facebook for correcting the mistake.

Facebook will be releasing an application that will keep track of a users diligence in correcting their friends spelling and grammar. For example, a user who correctly points out that another user has incorrectly used the word their when they should have written they're, will earn up to 0.5cents (US) from Facebook. It is believed that Facebook is rolling out the initiative in an attempt to improve the populations grasp of basic English.

The Bell Tower Times spoke to Rory McInnis, 19, an angry internet addict that often spends his weekends trawling through his news feed and calling his friends and strangers up on their spelling and grammar. Rory told us:
"People are so stupid. It doesn't matter if its a PhD or a Facebook status, you MUST use correct spelling and grammar. I would much rather call someone up on a mistake than actually respond to what they have posted. I'll probably make a fair bit of money from this".
Fast food employee, Tom Crawley, 21, admits that he spends more time online than socialising offline, he told us:
"I literally cannot stop myself from pointing out other peoples stupidity. What kind of loser doesn't know the difference between 'figuratively' and 'literally'?. I do not accept that people cant be bothered proof reading their posts. If they are so retarded to not take the internet seriously then they are just fags".
On the other foot, Tim Kee,32, told us:
"I don't see the big deal. I think Facebook is just going to validate internet freaks sad online existences. I don't give a fuck if I overlook a spelling mistake in my status. Maybe Facebook should give them some coin each time they interact with a female ha ha ha".
Facebook has emerged as a battleground for disengaged internet nerds to compete for the title of the most diligent proof reader.According, it is feared that the application will inflame the culture of cyber bullying and aggressive interactions on Facebook. Nevertheless, a particularly pedantic punter might be able to earn hundreds of dollars a week.

A warning for lazy Facebookers - you will now be targeted.

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