Curtis Stone - "Leftovers are for poor people"

6 January 2014, 12:00pm

A close friend of Curtis Stone has reported that on Boxing Day, the celebrity chef announced to his mates that they wouldn't be dining on the leftovers from Christmas day, as "leftovers are for poor people", we are further told that Curtis then roared with laughter and slapped his wife on the ass.

It is further alleged that Curtis became enraged when his close friend (not a chef) brought along a bowl of potato salad. Curtis allegedly slapped the salad on the floor and announced that he had "worked too hard to be eating fucking potato salad", before getting his mate in a headlock and demanded he stop being "so poor" while in his household.

Apart from Stone's apparent disgust at all things low socioeconomic, his Boxing Day bash was a hit, with the group ending the day watching a box set of "Surfing the Menu", while Curtis discarded all uneaten food into a bin.

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