#NekNomination Confirms Our Worst Fear - Bogans Learning to Utilise Social Media

12 January 2014, 4:30pm

#NekNominate is a social media drinking game that has grown exponentially over the last couple of weeks.

Essentially, a person uploads a video of themselves skoling an alcoholic beverage and then nominates a friend to do likewise. A seemingly harmless trend.

However, there is a festering and dark underbelly to #NekNominate - it confirms our greatest fear: bogans are online and they are loving it. The sheer number of videos being uploaded of men skoling beer while doing a burnout, or drinking beer thats been poured over another mans ass-crack, is staggering and cringe-worthy.

Bogans must quench their never ending thirst for attention and prove that they are not "soft". NekNominate has essentially become a dick-measuring competition, where no one really wins. The nature of the bogan is nothing new, we have known about their outlandish behavior for decades, however, we are shocked to find that the bogan is savvy with technology and has the know-how to record a video and upload it to social media.

A leading factor in the prevalence of bogans participating in the NekMinute trend is the fact that non-bogans aren't keen to upload a video that makes them look like a 16 year old at Rottnest Island on leavers. Employers admit they search social media before taking on new employees, so for many, it is better to play it safe. The bogan however is fearless (or maybe a little short sighted).

We can only speculate that Facebook will soon become the online equivalent of the alcohol tent at Bathurst 1000. Twitter will become the online equivalent of the smoking area of the Cannington Dog Track. Instagram will become he online equivalent of a hens-day in the Swan Valley. Prepare for total annihilation of prevailing social media standards.

The bogan has learnt that they can have their voices heard on social media. The message they are currently trying to send to Australia is - they can drink beer faster than you. A powerful message indeed.

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