Perth Lawyer Decides to Start Greeting Females with a Kiss on the Cheek

13 January 2014, 10:30am

Charles Swagley, 31, has made the shock decision on Sunday to dispense with the handshake and kiss girls on the cheek when he greets them.

Swagley recently made some Italian friends and is rumored to be blown away by the social acceptableness of greeting woman (even hots ones) with either a singular kiss to the cheek or by going full wog and pecking the woman on both cheeks.

Prior to Sunday, Swagley had always greeted woman with a handshake or a hug for girls he was better friends with. We spoke to Swagley about his decision:
"I've always wanted to be one of those guys that kissed woman hello. Why not? Kissing woman is wonderful, their skin is soft, they smell nice and I'm a sophisticated young professional. It's totally fitting".
Playing devil's advocate, we put it to Swagley that the practice may come off a little greasy seeing as the "hello kiss" isn't traditionally part of Australian culture, he retorted:
"Yeh, that would be valid if I compared myself to the rest of the Aussie bogans. Like I said, I am refined, a real man about town. I think woman will love the fact I lean in and give them a little peck before giving them my business card. It is Swagley's time".
Intrigued, we decided to ask a couple of woman who work near the offices of The Bell Tower Times, Samantha, 31, told us:
"ah yeh, no. Personally, I think its creepy even when an Italian greets me with a kiss, it would be positively slimey for this guy to randomly start doing it".
Lucy, 23, told us:
"those guys are gross. Everyone knows its a blatant chance to invade a woman's space and make unnecessary contact. I don't mind my good male friends giving me a small peck, but a guy I just met? That aint not cool".
Lock up your daughters.

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