WA Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Trial FIFO Business Model

14 January 2014, 8:30am

Leave it up to classic WA ingenuity - WA Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs have devised a genius way to avoid the heat of the ever watching Police - they are conducting their illegal activities in other jurisdictions and then flying back to Perth to spend their money and generally live the life.

The FIFO criminal business model is effective as WA police will have no cause to raid Bikie's and make arrests - as WA police only have jurisdiction in our golden state. The dramatic drop in crime figures will make it difficult for our Government to justify the introduction of anti-association laws such as the ones currently in force in Queensland.

Bikies are notoriously closed lipped about their business activities, so arranging an interview proved near impossible. However, a disgruntled former drug cook was willing to speak to us on the basis that we didn't disclose his name. He told The Bell Tower Times:
"The game is changing. You will see a lot more WA Bikies flying to places like Darwin or Adelaide and conducting business. For example, they will fly over for 2 week stints to extort local businesses for protection money or alternatively, arrange buyers for a variety of drugs. Seems mad, but a WA Bikie will fly to Adelaide to sell a drug dealer some Victorian dope! At no stage does the WA Bikie handle drugs or cash... this makes arrests fucking difficult mate. WA pigs cant do shit".
We asked whether police from other jurisdictions will catch on and arrest WA Bikies:
"In theory they could. But they would have fuck all evidence. The Bikie would be back in WA before the money or drugs changed hand. Besides the WA Bikies aint on the radar of other law enforcement authorities. Police rely heavily on word of mouth and history - they aint the brightest stars in the sky mate". 
Our informant also told us that:
"Another thing mate, Bikies aint the tattooed hulks that they once were. They are smarter now, you will see most FIFO Bikies dressed normally and without any visible gang tattoos. Just a couple of rough cunts on a boys trip to Darwin or some shit you know? Makes them very hard to detect and track".
The Bikie FIFO model may appear to be good news for Western Australians, however it begs the question - will interstate Bikies conduct their business in WA on a FIFO basis? Is it better to face the devil you know? Time will tell.

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