Bold Move: Man Smoking Cigarette in Linkedin Photo

20 January 2013, 9:00am

Josh Hampton, 35, recently moved to Perth from Sydney on the hunt for a lucrative career in mining & gas.

Hampton decided to set up a Linkedin account to help him get noticed and land a job. Linkedin is a professional networking too - similar to Facebook, however members finely hone their images to appear more employable then they may be.

It seems that Hampton lives by his own rules and instead of using a professional head shot as his profile photo, he decided to put up a photo of himself enjoying the shit out of a cigarette. To most people, using a profile photo that shows you smoking is madness, not for Hampton though, he told us:
"Linkedin has an important visual aspect to it. I can guarantee that the photo of me sucking down a Winnie Blue will grab the attention of employers and they will probably click on my profile. I think the durry also demonstrates that I am a bit of a maverick and am wiling to take risks to benefit myself and my employer".
A maverick is right. We spoke to a Helen McDonald, a leading recruitment consultant in Perth, she had this to say:
"wow, would you have a look at that photo. It is additionally atrocious as he seems to be holding the cigarette like a marijuana joint and has a blank look of bliss in his beady eyes. It has to be one of the worst profile photos I have ever seen on Linkedin. Josh has totally missed the mark".
We initially sided with Helen McDonald on this one - that was before we got a call from Hampton who told us:
"Gina Rinehart personally called me. She told me that she herself had a reckless disregard for her health and image and generally ate half a bucket of KFC per day. She then offered me a job. Say hello to Gina's personal 'food-getter'. Did things turned out the way I planned? Probably not, but $100,000.00 a year to feed the Rinehart - WINNING".
If you are struggling to break into your chosen industry, perhaps post a photo of yourself smoking on Linkedin.

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