CEO Vows to Intensify Sexual Harassment in 2014

5 January 2014, 4:30pm

CEO of a marketing firm in Perth, Frank Riggatone, 48, has vowed to be more intense and more direct in respect to sexually harassing his female staff in 2014.

Riggatone felt that he let himself down in 2013 and failed to convey his sexual interest to numerous females on his staff. Riggatone told The Bell Tower Times:

"Inter-office liaisons are what I am all about. In 2013, I implemented ineffective sexual advances towards my female staff. For example, I bought my secretary tickets to the Ashes and a box of chocolates for Christmas. Despite my generosity she didn't take me up on my offer to come drinking with me after the Christmas party. Clearly, I need to refine my techniques. I will definitely be more physical, call me Captain Crab Claw, 'cos I'll be pinching".
Riggatone's promise to intensify his sexual advances is sure to alarm his female staff. We were told be an ex office manager that in 2012 Riggatone sent an email to all staff gauging interest in creating a 'sexy' calendar to raise money for breast cancer, 'Riggatone's Angels'. We understand that the email was largely ignored apart from being forwarded to friends and family for a laugh.

Christy, 19, who worked for Riggatone as a temp in 2013, told The Bell Tower Times:
"On one occasion he asked me to come along to a meeting in Osborne Park, about 5 minutes after we departed in his car he made a phone call and told me that the meeting was cancelled so we may as well go shopping. He then dragged me to Braz 'n Things under the guise that he needed to buy underwear for his wife and needed my input. He is a real sleaze ball".
It is not questionable that Riggatone is serious about stepping up his sexual advances. On boxing day he attended a Fremantle piercing studio and had a tongue bolt put in. He has also grown a goatee beard.

Riggatone commands a staff of over 40 yet only 4 of those staff members are male. It will be an all you can harass buffet, and Riggatone is hungry.

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