The 7 Deadly Sins of Perth Drivers

The King of Perth
1. Wet Weather Soft-Cockery

There is no shame is taking a few extra precautions in the wet weather. However, there is plenty of shame in dropping 20km per hour at the first sign of a little drizzle. Make sure you have appropriate tread on your tyres and have some faith in your driving ability.

2.  4WD Madness 

Perth is truly the home of 4WD's. Unfortunately, we are also the home of 4WD owners who have never seen the bush and certainly wouldn't risk the lovely paint job on their Prado and go off-road. If you own a 4WD learn to maneuver it with as little inconvenience to the public as possible.

3. Round-a-what?

There are roughly 2 million West Aussies  - that means there are about 2 million different interpretation of correct round-a-bout indication and general etiquette. We wont list all the rules here, however, as a general rule of thumb - indicate the direction you are going and NEVER pull out in front of another vehicle.

4. Prejudice and Stereotypes 

Who are the worst drivers? Asians? Woman? P-Platers? Old People? - do you see the pattern? We have formed a culture of hating nearly every other person on the road. Everyone needs to take a chill pill and relax while they are driving. We are all guilty of shitty driving from time to time.

5. Smart Phones

Back in the day, many drivers were guilty of reading a text message or answering a phone call. But, sweet Jesus the game done changed! Smart phones arm air-heads with a myriad of other distractions - social media, internet, GPS, snapchatting your private parts etc. Phones down and eyes on the prize people.

6. Police Bullying 

For the most part, Perth drivers do their best to drive safely - we do not deserve the absurd levels of harassment and bullying we receive from the WA Police Force. A cop car following you up Forrest Highway for 100km, speed cameras on safe stretches of road and most frustrating of all - aggressive public service announcements about how the cops are "gonna get us". Seriously, you are stressing us out cops!

7. Show Boating 

Hooning, honking, revving and burnouts - obnoxious driving practices that are designed to draw attention to the driver and also give that driver a bit of a thrill. Reckless driving can be dangerous, but most of all, it ruins others peoples moods while on the road. Drive calm and observe others being calm in turn.

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