Jackpot: Perth Man Begins Journey to Adelaide with 1 Million Bottles and Cans

6 January 2014, 10:00am

Charles Gotez, 35, has collected over a million discarded bottles and cans since 2010. He has been collected the rubbish as he is able to claim a refund of between 5 - 10 cents for depositing the garbage in South Australia.

South Australia is the only state in Australia that rewards recyclers with a nominal fee for returning cans and bottles to recycling centres. However there is a catch - the bottles and cans only attract a refund if they were purchased in South Australia.

The Bell Tower Times spoke to Gotez and asked him about his remarkable effort, he told us:
"Basically, I will get between $50,000 - $100,000 for a short drive across the Nullabor. I sorta knew my days as a child care worker were limited, due to certain 'legal complications', so I needed a way to raise cash so that I could pay off my mortgage and then sail through the rest of my days on welfare".
We asked him how he accumulated such as massive amount of garbage:

"It's not as hard as you may think. Basically, I host parties every weekend and can accumulate 100-200 cans and bottles per week. However, to get over a million I needed to scavenge massive public events. The South Perth Foreshore after Australia Day is a gold mine. They key is to get their early, before those vultures (City of Perth staff) swoop in and reclaim all the treasure. Oh... I also kick the locks of can-bins that you often find at primary schools".

We then put it to him, that his scheme might fall apart if the South Australian recycling authority refuses to accept the cans as they were not sold in South Australia, he retorted:
"I am planning to arrive in Adelaide on the 27th January at 5:00am. I will swoop in on the post-Australia Day bounty and then create a thick top layer of South Australian sold cans and bottles on top of my glorious heap".
Gotez has clearly planned his mission well. At the end of the day, who can blame the guy. He is cleaning up Perth,  clawing together a retirement plan and embarking on the thrill of his life.

We salute you Gotez.

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