Mount Lawley Man Needed Stomach Pumped After Game of Soggy Biscuit

27 January 2014, 7:00pm

A ghastly scene unfolded at an Australia Day house party on the weekend, when a man suffered an allergic reaction after consuming a semen covered biscuit after losing a game of soggy biscuit.

Soggy biscuit is a repulsive party game where a group of man masturbate onto a biscuit and the last man to "finish" must eat the biscuit.

The man who consumed the biscuit is believed to be associated with the Aesthetics Crew - a Sydney based bodybuilding group that are well known for their love of the seedy game.

A reveler at the party told The Bell Tower Times:
"I've seen these boys play soggy biscuit at least a dozen times. They love taking off their shirts, comparing their muscles and slurping down each others gravy when they lose. Basically, the bloke seemingly lost on purpose and after he consumed the SAO biscuit he started gagging and begging people for water. His mates just whipped out heir cocks and made jocks about their cocks being water fountains. Anyway, thats what Aesthetics Crew is all about. The bloke then passed out and we ordered an ambulance for him".
The victim of the game wished to remain anonymous, however he told us:
"I just wanted Chestbrah to give me props. Everyone knows the best way to get in with the Aesthetics Crew is to prove that you can man up and play soggy biscuit. I've lost before, but this time about 10 blokes were playing, the doctors told me that I'd consumed far too much semen and my body had a bad allergic reaction. Im really devo - Chestbrah will think I'm weak for needing to go to hospital. He is famous for taking a 20 man biscuit once - legendary".

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